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Amazon PRIME Gift Guide Under $30

December 19, 2018 0 Comments

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Amazon Fire Stick $24.99 – If you’re not a fan of Apple TV’s price, the Amazon Fire Stick is the best. You can link your Amazon account to rent or watch Prime shows/videos and you can also attach Netflix, Hulu and whatever streaming services you use. This is a GREAT gift!

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover $10.64 – Just talked about this on my story today! Fan girled when she reposted me! I love this book, and if you’re looking for a great fit on a budget, this is for you. Plus, this eligible for one day shipping!

Echo Dot Gen 3 $29.99 – Mentioned this in my gift guide last year and twice this year! It’s perfect as an easy gift because it can be used in so many settings and scenarios.

Cat Tea Cup $25.99 – Isn’t this just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Perfect for a tea drinker (a.k.a. me!) alongside some great loose leaf teas as a starter kit.

Mario Bedescu Rose Spray $14 – My dad secretly loves this product and is always stealing it from me, so I got this for him as part of his gift. I love Mario Bedescu and so do many beauty blogs/bloggers!

Beauty Sponge Holder $6 – I bought this right when I saw it. So good! And so affordable. I should be washing your brushes and Beautyblenders/sponges weekly, but am usually short on time (or lazy). This is the perfect way of keeping it in its own zone without smudging your makeup bag or vanity and keeping it bacteria-free.

Makeup Sponges $9 – $9 for 5 makeup sponges?  Yes please! I haven’t tried this brand personally, but judging on the reviews – it’s done pretty well for itself! Considering one Beautyblender is $20+, this is a steal.

24K Gold Undereye Masks $20 – I love, love, love under-eye masks and these gold patches (25 pairs) is only $20! A super chic gift on a product that is affordable, has prime shipping and great reviews!

Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set $13.50 –  This gorgeous 15-brush set is one sale for $13.50 and has almost 500 reviews with a 4.5 star rating! I’d be so excited to receive this gift and would think it was way more than $13! After the lightning deal, it goes up to $20! Not too bad for a white and gold makeup set. Beautiful color combo for the holidays.

Diffuser $30 – I love the design and color of this diffuser, and I love diffusers in general. We have one in almost every single room and the girls’ often sleep with this one to help with their breathing and sleep. I’ve gotten lots of messages about being careful with what essential oils you use around your pups! That would be the only thing I’d be cautious of!

LOL Surprise Glitter Glam Series $11 – I added 10 of these to my cart and called it a day. Perfect for Kinsley’s school friends and for her to hand out to her besties before winter break!

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector $10 – We LOVE our Nintendo Switch, but I wouldn’t doubt that it will get scratched up in no time. Call in these super affordable, lifetime replacement screen protectors and you’ve got an easy but thoughtful gift for someone who already got the Switch on Black Friday!

Llama 2019 Weekly Agenda $8 – How cute is this?! They even have unicorn ones and cacti designs. This is such a pretty gift for less than $10! Super steal. 

edit: So bummed this shows that it will arrive one day after Christmas! I loved how affordable and adorable this agenda was. Found a different planner for you guys that’s just as cute! Just $17 and arrives before Christmas. It’s one with cute cacti and you can find it here. These will make for great gifts if you’re meeting with some friends after Christmas!

3 10-feet iPhone Charge Cords $13 – While this is a less glamorous gift, I’d be so happy to receive these extra long chargers as a gift. These are so useful and something I forget I need more of. I’m the person who likes to have a charger in every single room and ones that are long enough so you can sit comfortably and scroll. This is a winning Christmas gift IMO!

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