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Colombia with Maaji Swimwear ❤️

March 23, 2017 1 Comments

So excited to share some footage of my trip to Cartagena, Colombia with you guys today! Honestly, if I had to choose one favorite thing about Cartagena, I wouldn’t be able to tell you! I fell in love with everything about this beautiful city, but below are my top 5 things! P.S. I linked all my outfits at the bottom of the post!

1. The people and the culture.

Everyone is so friendly, warm and happy. It’s actually known as the third happiest country in the world, following Costa Rica and Mexico! I think everyone is always nervous because of certain stigmas, especially during the time of Pablo Escobar’s power, but the people there don’t really like to talk about it at all! They want everyone to know how safe (and beautiful!) their country is. I never had a reason to be fearful or scared there, and I would definitely visit again. I highly, highly recommend it as a vacay destination!

2. The food.

Of course this would be reason number 2. ? There is nothing I ate that I didn’t like! Cartagena is right on the beach, so all of the seafood is SO fresh. Favorite restaurant was at the Tcherassi (the hotel we stayed in) called Vera! The crab ravioli was amazing. Dreaming of the day I can eat them again.

3. The Tcherassi Hotel.

It doesn’t get any dreamier than Tcherassi hotel, owned by Colombian designer Sylvia Tcherassi. The decor is so gorg, I never wanted to leave! There was also an amazing terrace/rooftop with the best view, a pool and the BEST Lychee martinis. Lauren and I were obsessed.

4. The city itself.

This city has so much history behind it, and you can tell from the moment you step foot outside the airport. From the cobblestone streets to the different colors of all the houses and shops— everything just had character! Just by roaming around the warm streets, you would see gorgeous balconies and terraces, horses and carriages, and irresistible shopping boutiques. Everywhere you turn you just want to take a photo because it’s so breathtaking!

5. Who I traveled with.

This trip wouldn’t have been complete without Maaji Swimwear and amazing ladies, like Lauren and Cara Loren! What’s a trip without your bestie, right?! I can’t wait to go back to Colombia!

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    HER. Boutique

    March 23, 2017

    Love your off-the-shoulder bathing suit top in the last picture! Looks great on you and so cute!
    HER. Boutique