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Countdown to Christmas: Gift Guide for the In Laws

December 11, 2018 0 Comments

Shop for the in-laws

I adore Bobby’s mom. We often have sit-down dinners in her home where she will go above and beyond for Kins and Char. She has a specially themed gift for them for every holiday – from Halloween to Easter and showers them with so much love.  It is the sweetest thing I could ever encounter, and thinking about how sweet she is makes me nearly tear up because I see that as a reflection of Bobby.

Although Bobby’s mom is not quite my mother-in-law, she is such an important part of his (and now our) life, and so I put together a list of what you can gift your significant other’s parents!

For Mom

La Mer’s Mini Miracle Set – The best people deserve the best, top-of-the-line products, so gifting this to Bobby’s mom is something I’m looking forward to doing this year! La Mer, to me, is a very special brand that I don’t think most people would splurge on for themselves. This makes me excited to purchase it for her. It doesn’t hurt that this is only $95 and the value is $148.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote – Another classic gift. Longchamp is a staple brand in Paris and this purse conveniently holds everything. It’s the perfect everyday bag, but is also a great travel bag!

Slip Beauty Sleep Collection – You don’t really think you need a silk pillowcase until you experience sleeping on a silk pillowcase, haha. I also my love my silk sleeping mask, so this gift is great for spoiling your MIL.

MVMT Origin Bar Necklace – I mentioned this in my gift guide yesterday for new girlfriends, but this gift is actually something that I would love to give to Bobby’s mom too. Seeing her around Kins and Char and seeing how much they love her makes me want to get her a customized necklace that has their names on it! She loves them so much that I think she’ll be thrilled! On the plus side, you can use my code AMANDASTANTON for 10% off.

KitchenAid Classic Mixer – Call me Kris Jenner when she gifted her mom this mixer on the show, but she wasn’t wrong. This specific KitchenAid mixer is the perfect accessory for any kitchen, and it’s secretly my dream to have one just because of how pretty it is. Before I splurge on myself though, this is something 100% I think Bobby’s mom would love and your MIL too!

For Dad

Alright guys, had a little bit of trouble with this one, so who better to call than my dad? Brainstormed some things with him, and here’s what we came up with!

Nest Learning Thermostat – I think every homeowner geeks out about the nest (I would too if I wasn’t renting!), so this makes for the perfect gift that is a fun project to install, but is also useful for the house.

Crosley Radio Cruiser Deluxe Turntable – When gifting this, all I’m picturing is sitting around the fire for the holidays and listening to some really good music on vinyl with hot chocolate in tow. What a cool but unique concept to gift your FIL. Who knows? Maybe he’ll bust out an old collection of records from the garage to get the party started!

A Camcorder  – I just have a feeling that these are going to make a giant comeback. From the Thank U, Next music video to seeing Bella Hadid’s footage of The Weeknd’s concert… Anyone else with me? Even more importantly, home videos are just the best, and gifting this to your FIL will just bring magical memories back.

FitBit – Between Apple Watches or Fitbits, sometimes an Apple Watches can be too overwhelming. A FitBit is a great tech watch to gift that’s within reasonable budget and still be put to good use!